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Stefi Geyer – Materials for a biographical collection
A project of the University of Arts Zurich (2015-2019)

The Hungarian violinist Stefi Geyer (1888-1956) was a formative figure in Zurich's musical life from 1920 until her death. She had countless concert appearances, was a co-founder of the Collegium musicum Zurich (1941) and taught from 1934 to 1953 at the Zurich Conservatory (today ZHdK DMU). Béla Bartók, Othmar Schoeck and Willy Burkhard dedicated violin concertos to her. These facts are all known. However, her childhood and training with Jenő Hubay in Budapest, her concert activities as a child prodigy and their reception, especially in Switzerland, as well as her marital collaboration with Walter Schulthess are largely in dark. 

This extensive volume answers the above questions and allows access to the entire correspondence with Béla Bartók a first time. Please click on the book cover, in order to take a further look at the contents. 

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