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Helga Váradi explored the world of historical keyboard instruments (harpsichord, organ, fortepiano) in inspiring cultural cities of Europe. Her studies took her from Budapest and Szentendre to Vienna, Lyon, Siena, Basel and Zurich. She deepened additionally her knowledge of cultural management at the University of Music and Arts in Vienna. 


In 2014 she won the prize "Gianni Bergamo" in Lugano for her harpsichord playing. She was then seen on the international concert stage with various ensembles: in 2016 she played with Daniel Hope and the Basel Chamber Orchestra in the largest concert halls of South America; she also was invited as a guest player with orchestras and ensembles such as the Graubünden Chamber Philharmonic, the Argovia Philharmonic, the CHAARTS Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Zurich, the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra Budapest,  Orion Trio, Kaleidoskope String Quartet, Galatea Quartet, the SRF-moderator and dulcimer player Nicolas Senn. Solo performances brought her to France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria, as well as on the Danube Literature Ship of SRF-correspondent Werner can Gent. 


In addition to her engagements as a musician, she has documented the life and works of the violinist Stefi Geyer (1888-1956) on request of the Zurich University of  Arts. The entire correspondences with Béla Bartók (1907-1945) are published in this book a first time, available at Peter Lang.  


Helga's first CD "Bartók & Baroque" was released by Claves in 2017 with works of Béla Bartók on the harpsichord, personally recommended by his son Péter Bartók, whom Helga met in Florida. A year later, the association "Les Soirées Amusantes" was founded by her and Christian Tanner, Fabrice Robardey and Alessandra Reeves, in order to revive the salon culture of the late 18th century. "Nannerl Mozart", the second album was a fruit of this inspiring collaboration, where even a short film got produced upon the Mozart siblings. The album received international acclaims, the short film got introduced during the Paris Short Film Festival. 


Helga's further research assignment included the processing of the estate of Casal's faithful student Rudolf von Tobel in Bern. Equally turned into a book publication, the Rudolf von Tobel-Foundation represented the work in a spectacular show in the Bernese Music Hall in November 2021, where Marta Casals Istomin participated from Washington D.C. via a touching video message. 

In the latest production, "Appassionata", Helga devoted herself to the love story of Countess Josephine Brunsvik-Deym and Ludwig van Beethoven, based on the thesis of Dr. Rita Steblin. This art book is accompanied by 3 CDs of Beethoven music, recorded on original instruments and rounded up by the spectacular art photography of Estonian artist Kaupo Kikkas. 

Helga speaks 5 languages, in her free time she loves cross-country skiing, riding a road bike, arranging flowers in Japanese style (Ikebana) and strolling in nature. 


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