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I have always felt connected to the music of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and his personality. However, I never would have guessed that I would one day experience his era beyond its music and history. 


In 2017, the Swiss tailor artist Christian Tanner created a historic women's collection in the style of the 1780s/90s, hand-sewn in every detail, of which I have become the inspiration and wearer. In the transformation through the clothes and the high hairstyle made from my own hair, I experienced a magical connection between the past and the present that made me think: what defined a woman' sense of self, back then? How did she move at her instrument, squeezed into her tight chest, and how did her hands rest while playing? How did her dress rustle as she walked? 

Through my participation in Reenaction events, such as candlelight soirees, dance animations and strolls, Mozart's everyday life, as I thought I knew it from his family correspondence, began to take shape. Through this new experience, I suddenly felt connected to the woman who, around 1780 of the same age as me, was closest to Wolfgang (before he got acquainted with Constanze), namely his sister Maria Anna. 

During the preparations for the recording, it became clear to me, that the CD should express not only Nannerl as a person, but also the relationship between the two siblings. In Nannerl's extraordinary talent, which the brother always appreciated most sensitively, this wish became possible. 

Watch the short film we created in Castle Blumenstein and listen to the album on the major streaming platforms. You can click on the album cover, which will forward you directly to the album. 

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Helga Váradi

Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart, concept, harpsichord, fortepiano

955 Mozart_Project_Varadi02472.jpg

Christian Tanner

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart, costumes

955 Mozart_Project_Varadi02694.jpg

Brigitte Guenczler

Constanze Mozart, costume

955 Mozart_Project_Varadi02539.jpg

Fabrice Robardey

Signore Caccini, logistics


Jörg-Andreas Bötticher

harpsichord (four hands)


Plamena Nikitassova

baroque violin


Ildikó Sajgó

baroque violin

Karel Valter.jpg

Karel Valter

sound engineer

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